Mobdro Not Working? [solved]

Mobdro is smooth and fast running application which will let you watch TV online. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, users have faced some errors while using Mobdro. Adding to the fact, these errors can be caused due to any certain malfunction or incomplete Mobdro app download.

Mobdro Compatible Android Version

Generally, people face difficulties in installing or running Mobdro on their smartphones. Because Mobdro requires the Android 4.1 version or higher in order to function in an Android smartphone.

What is Mobdro

Parse Error

Parse error is the indication of corrupted file proceeding the installation. You will see an error like this if you have downloaded a corrupted file from a malicious source. Otherwise, an incomplete downloaded file could lead to such errors while you initiate the installation process. On the other hand, you will even observe such errors while you try to fetch this app from an unknown source and incompletely execute the transfer.

Slow Connection

Mobdro is a multimedia streaming app especially the media app. For that reason, it requires a fast internet connection to keep running without buffering. Sometimes, the slow data connection will not only lead to buffering but also crashing of the app.

Playback Issues

Mobdro users often complain when the app crashes while getting the media. However, there a solution to that too. You shall go to the ‘Developer’ tab and click on the ‘Build Number’ seven times then select the Nuplayer/Awesome player from the ‘Developer’ tab. Finally, you shall restart the device to eliminate this problem.

Currently Offline

You will see this error if the media you expect to watch does not direct to your device. However, you shall download the Opera VPN app from the play store and run it before starting media on Mobdro. It will solve the problem.

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